Saturday, August 7, 2010

Recent Projects and Bargains Galore!

I'm back! Finally! I started to write this post a week ago and have had to edit it since then. I just now got the desire to upload pictures to go with a few posts, so I'm finally finishing what a started last weekend. I went to some yard sales and found not one, but TWO amazing bargains. I got a white bookcase for the "library" or someday a kid's room, or maybe in Alex's office, who knows.

And, the piece de resistance, drum roll please......a Brother sewing machine for TEN dollars!!!!

I've been saving up for about 2 months and had barely accumulated half of what I intended to spend (because I kept spending my savings at other fantastic yard sales, Mighty Dollar and *sigh* Kroger). Yes, I had to spend a few bucks at the grocery store once or twice, but only out of dire necessity. Anyway, the machine needed a foot and shank, which I was able to get from the local sewing machine store for $8. Total investment in sewing machine: $18. Does it get any better than that?! I feel so blessed! I came home after this amazing bargain hunt and proceeded to repaint the bookcase and clean up the dusty sewing machine. My mom had also given me what she thought was the most hideous frame she'd ever seen, so I painted that while I was at it. The frame will be taking up residence in the dining room, but I can't figure out what to hang inside it. I'm thinking of hanging some small pictures on ribbons from the top of the frame or something. Who knows. I didn't manage to get a picture of the frame after it was finished.

I am really beginning to see how home projects never end. Things that I thought would be done by now (replacing all 80's light fixtures) have never even begun and new projects that I never imagined doing are now in full swing (built in bookcase in the family room). My father-in-law has begun work on the latter project and I'm so excited about how it's coming along!

Drywall is up! He should be finished in two days and I'll be ready to paint the wall and the bookcase on the other side. Woohoo! Has anyone else been doing home improvement projects lately?


  1. Super cute! And a sewing machine!!!! AWESOME! I am seriously thinking about sewing something this week (not sure what).

    Stop by this week and pick up your stuff! :)

  2. I love everything that you sew! I think my all-time fave was a ruffled patriotic apron. I want to make one for myself! I just bought a Simplicity sewing pattern for some purses that also reminded me of you. If I remember, I'll bring it over to show you.