Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bookcase Project

I am so excited to say that our built-in bookcase project is complete!!! Woohoo! My father-in-law is my new hero! He knocked this project out in two weeks (it would've been even shorter if I'd painted the shelves right away, but it kept raining and I didn't think the paint would dry right) by coming over after work and doing a little bit at a time. Here it is!!!

We're going to paint the rest of the trim around the windows and floor white to match the rest of the house. The "library"/family room is coming along!Improvements like this make me fall in love with my house. When my parents originally approached Alex and me about buying the house from them (they had bought another house already), I didn't feel sentimentally attached at all and we turned down their offer at first. I guess that has changed since I've been able to paint and decorate however I want through the whole house. We've made some pretty drastic changes, in my opinion. I can't wait to raise kids in this house and make happy memories together as a family!


  1. I wish that all the walls in my house were book cases. Stamped with your fancy medallion stamp, maybe. :)

    Looks great! I love the color of your walls, too.

  2. Thanks, Jamie! And you can borrow the stamp anytime if you feel inspired to stamp your kids, a wall, a bookcase, whatever floats your boat :)

  3. Nice! I've been longing for a bookcase for a while myself - I never realized how much a girl needs a bookcase before living without one.