Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More Things I've Learned Lately

1. It's healthy to have friends of all ages, not just one's your same age.
2. It is possible to safely walk through the attic on the rafters in three-inch stilettos.
3. If you want a situation to change, then you must be willing to change.
4. Cookie dough really does taste better than the actual cookies.
5. A bargain really isn't a bargain if you don't have the money to pay for it.
6. Even two years after you get married and move out of the house, your parents still miss you and wish you lived at home (or at least would spend the night once so they can have their little girl back for a night).
7. Showering at night makes getting ready for work the next morning sooo much easier. (As I realize that it's bed time and I didn't take a shower. Dagnabit!)
8. I am definitely going to homeschool my kids someday. There's just really no other option in my mind at this point.
9. Even if you've stepped out of your comfort zone in a certain area before, it can still be difficult to do it again, but the reward is great!
10. Keep the can of mixed nuts out of the dog's reach or she'll snatch them up and eat the whole thing before you can say "cashews". And then your husband will be so disappointed that his go-to snack has disappeared, wherein you must make a special trip to the grocery store to buy another can. Oh, the things we do for love!


  1. Oh, I want to hear the stilletos story!

  2. We have had water spots appearing randomly on our living room ceiling since October. My husband couldn't see where the water was coming from when he ventured into the attic. A co-worker and I went home at lunch yesterday (while it was raining) and I noticed that there was yet another water spot on the ceiling. She and I went up with a flashlight and tried to find the leak. I was able to change my shoes since I was at my house, but she ventured up there in her stilettos! I offered a pair of shoes to her, but she didn't want them. She was the one that found the leak! We slapped hands and declared ourselves "he-women"!