Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Long Weekend

I'm going away for a long weekend with my mom, oldest sister and two of my nieces to Columbus, OH on Thursday afternoon. Since it's halfway between our hometown and my sis in NY, it's the perfect spot to meet for such occasions. And the shopping is fan-tast-ic! (even though I've vowed to not spend money on anything except fabric for Christmas presents this trip) I was getting low on blogging material, so this mini-vacation came at just the right time. I should have some new adventures to write about soon enough! The plan is to visit the zoo, shop at Trader Joe's, find a fabric store and scrapbooking store (I may break my vow and buy some paper since I'm getting low), and maybe even visit a mall that has an Anthropologie! I gasp at the prices there, but I come home with all kinds of ideas for projects I can do myself and save a boatload of moola. Oh, and there's a huge outlet mall that we're supposed to hit on the way home so we can peruse Pottery Barn (a "sacrifice" for a friend. I'm so excited!) and Kirkland's. Why did I make a vow to not spend money on anything other than fabric? That was dumb. Anyway, see ya when I get back on Sunday, or before, if I happen to use the hotel's wi-fi. Have a great weekend!

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