Thursday, July 15, 2010

True Happiness

Can I just say that I am so happy when good things happen to my friends and family! Blogging has allowed me to catch up on the lives of a few college friends who are now starting families, embarking on new careers and just loving life and the bountiful blessings of God. It makes my heart sing to read about their triumphs and it's also great to feel like a part of their lives from miles away. In a world where values are being compromised for selfish gain it feels good to hear something positive, something worth rejoicing in.

In a conversation with someone at work, I found out that kids actually grab each other's shirt collars to see whether or not the genuine name-brand label is sewn inside or if it is a knock off. If you're found with an imitation, you're made fun of. Isn't this ridiculous?! It makes me thankful for six years of wearing hideous school uniforms. Since when is this type of behavior, this shallowness, acceptable? Sure, there's always been peer pressure and bullies, but where are the parents of these kids to correct this behavior? I was informed that the parents of those shallow kids are probably just as badly behaved. You know, the adults you work with that look down at you for wearing the same outfit twice. As an adult, I don't care what those people think of me and my beautiful $1 yard sale dress or my 1998 car, but shame on parents for instilling such materialistic, self-centered, shallow values in their children. True happiness isn't found in things. Self worth doesn't come from what you own. It comes from knowing who you are in Christ, that your heritage is royalty. The Creator of the entire universe knows your name, the King of all kings has a special plan for your life that is different than anyone else's. One part of this conversation that really got to me was that this parent felt that they HAD to buy name brand clothes from the name brand stores (not from consignment stores or yard sales) in order for their kids to not be made fun of. There was no other option. But in my humble opinion, that only enforces the insecurity, the materialism, the need to fit in. I know that it's not fun and it's not easy to be the kid that doesn't fit in. Been there, done that! I know times have changed since I was in middle school and high school, but Christian values haven't changed. We are called to be set apart and live to a higher standard, no matter what the cost. Lord, forgive me for my materialism and help me teach my children these values someday.

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