Sunday, July 11, 2010

Room Makeover

Everyone always says that there is a never-ending list of things you can do to a house and boy are they right! I have a laundry list of home improvements to be made that seems to be growing faster than things are getting done. We did take advantage of the three-day weekend over the 4th of July to tackle one such project - painting the family room. The original yellow paint was tired and also marred by a painted picket fence on one wall and by my attempt to pick a new paint color. The red was just too dark for my taste.

Alex wants to turn the family room into a library/office, which is hysterical considering he hates to read, but I like the idea. Here are the results!

The next project is something that I am super excited about. My father in law is going to convert one of the two doorways into the "library" into a built-in bookcase! I love built-ins!!! This is the doorway that will soon be a bookcase:

This will hopefully solve some design dilemmas in our living room as well, since there are six doorways in the room to try an arrange furniture around. I'm thrilled to have one less decorating obstacle in that room.

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