Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Night Life

We have a new Friday night tradition in our house. Most Fridays, our 4 year old nephew, Sky, comes to spend the night. I've gotten to live a dream of sorts, to be the "fun aunt". (My biological nieces live 8 and 10 hours away, so visits with "Aunt Man-man" are few and far between) We play Spiderman games, build houses with legos, construct airplanes with Tinkertoys and dig in the dirt (he helped me plant my strawberries and cucumbers).

Although it is exhausting taking care of a preschooler, it is a great reward to receive his hugs and see his face light up when I walk in the room. He loves our dog, Layla, and they are quite photogenic, don't you think?

This one was taken the first night that Sky ever stayed with us.

The circumstances under which Sky came to live so close by are not ideal, but the family is making the most of the opportunity to speak into his life and provide nurturing, love and consistency. He has really stolen my heart! I hope that he will remember these Friday night sleepovers with fondness and know how much we love him. I know that I will.

And one last item before I log off: we got our first strawberries this Friday night! As diligently as I've tried to be about picking off all the flowers, I missed quite a few and we now have strawberries. Four were ripe tonight, so of course, Sky and I had to pick them and treat ourselves! He was VERY excited and enjoyed the fruits of his labor.


  1. Sooo cute Amanda! And I admire your open heart.

    Love ya!

  2. Hmm... no blogging today????? I thought I would get to see some good cookout pictures! No blog breaks allowed! :)