Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pretty as a Petunia

I have hated our landscaping for the last 12 years. The twenty-something year old shrubs need to go. Unfortunately, this is a huge undertaking physically and financially. Alex and I have done little to change the situation since we bought my parents' house exactly a year ago, but tonight that all changed. I bought a hydrangea bush and some petunias on Memorial Day and began what will hopefully be a total overhaul of our landscaping. We even had extra concrete edging piled up in the back of the house so I could trim out the new flower bed. Not my first choice in edging, but it matches the edging elsewhere around the house.

I just learned that the color of a hydrangea is determined by the acidity of the soil. I absolutely love the purple-blue color that the flowers are now, so I hope my soil has the right acidity to keep them looking great!

And a little "bling" that I got at the dollar store a few months ago:

Now on the conquer the rest of the landscaping!

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