Friday, June 18, 2010

Do the Doggy Paddle

Thursdays are date nights in the Godin household. This isn't a solid routine just yet, but we're working on it. Alex and I both lack creativity when it comes to planning dates. Living in an area with little to do doesn't help, so as we were finishing up dinner, we discussed going for a walk in the 90 degree heat (nix on that!) and then it came to me. We have talked about taking Layla to the lake to swim forever, so I called a girl from work that has offered to loan us a doggy life jacket (the very idea of a doggy life jacket cracks me up). We picked up the lifejacket, let Layla play with this woman's two boxer dogs for a minute and were on our way.

At first, Layla was only willing to put her feet in and was content to just drink the icky lake water.

Now keep in mind that this dog loves to take a bath (or a shower) and loves sprinklers and hoses. She tries to stick her head in the shower and drink the water. Finally, Alex got the idea to hold her belly in deeper water where she couldn't touch bottom. As she floated, she became more comfortable.

Soon, she was swimming laps. Starting at daddy, she'd swim out, make a loop, come back to me and then proceed to shore, where she'd shake the water off. And then the process would repeat.

She loved it! We can't wait to take her again!

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