Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Things I've Learned Lately

1. I can't manipulate God's timing. Even though God grants me the desires of my heart, I still have to wait for Him to fulfill those desires in His time. Abraham and Sarah had to wait a long time to have Isaac, and even though they kind of messed stuff up big time with the whole Haggar and Ishmael thing, God still came through, gave them a son, and the wait was worth it.

2. No matter what I'm going through, I'm not alone. This seems cliche, but I've really felt all alone in an area of my life, and just last week, a close friend and I discovered that we're walking through the same journey and it has been so encouraging to have someone to share my heart with that completely understands. I have a prayer partner on my side and I know that I'm not alone.

3. I shouldn't put expectations on God, but instead, should anticipate good from God. When I'm hoping for something, I shouldn't make a list of things that I expect God to do. Instead, I need to let God answer the way that He wants to and trust that He will handle the situation in a way that will blow all my expectations out of the water.

4. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington grew marijuana on their farms. Seriously? Just heard that on a tv special called "Marijuana: A Chronic History". And now the tv has been shut off...

5. Sometimes I just need to turn off the distractions and LISTEN. Stop singing, talking, listening to the radio, complaining, procrastinating, and listen. God wants to speak, I've been crying out for answers, and I've been too busy to listen.

6. God holds man's heart in His hands. No matter what I do, I cannot change a person. It's up to God to mold us and change us in His timing, in His way. He is the potter and we are the clay. My own will cannot change someone else's heart.

7. Whatever happens is God's will and I can't let fear overshadow what good things, what promises God may choose to fulfill in my life. I've been worried what if certain things in my life that I've been praying for don't happen before other certain things are worked out? My engagement to Alex was overshadowed by people telling us we shouldn't get married for reasons that they couldn't explain to us. It was horrible. I don't want the next phase in my life to be overshadowed by anything. Even if there are things that I want breakthrough in that haven't been overcome by the time we have kids, it's all going to happen the way that God wants it to, and I won't let the blessings of motherhood be overshadowed by fear from unanswered prayers.


  1. I understand a lot of those. Number five especially is one I need to work on. Thank you for the encouragement!
    Through Christ,

  2. Amanda, I'm so glad to hear that the Lord has brought someone into your life who is going through the same thing! It was such a comfort to me to have friends who knew what I was going through. You know I'm always praying for you!