Saturday, November 13, 2010

November Resolutions, or Why There is an Eyesore in My Family Room

I got a jump start on my New Year's resolutions by moving an old (and I mean OLD) stationary bicycle out of the garage and into our family room/Sky's playroom in hopes that I'll actually exercise once in a while. My parents bought it at an estate sale a few years ago and left it behind when they moved out. Over a year ago. When I asked my mom if I could have it, she promptly told me "no" and that she was ready to move it to her house. She said that like three weeks ago, and since it had already been sitting out there for 18 months, I thought it was safe to ignore her and make the bike my own :) This exercise equipment eyesore isn't as painful to look at my ever-atrophying muscles so I figure it's time to get back in shape. I even bought a yoga mat yesterday, which Alex says is a waste of money. I told him that it was too painful to do crunches and pilates on our hardwood floors, that I needed a cushion on my back and if he was ok with his spare tire, that was fine with me, but I'm tired of mine! He's gonna have a smokin' hot wife again someday and he's gonna like it! We'll see if I actually get anywhere with all my great intentions, but for now, moving the exercise bike into the house is a start. I hope that I'll be much more likely to use it if I don't have to trek across the backyard to get to it. That's such a treacherous journey to walk a hundred feet, you know? And what if it's cold or rainy or windy? I'll never go out there to exercise in those weather conditions! Wish me luck! Or rather, wish me willpower!


  1. Go you! I do wish you willpower - you can do it! I like exercise bikes - but I only get to use them at the gym and I never go there, so you're lucky to have one at home!

  2. Best of luck, Amanda. I know you can do it! Of course, coming from someone who says she is going to give up caffeine every two weeks... I won't judge you if you don't do it. :) Love ya!