Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Dandy Lion

After taking a two-month siesta from sewing, it was time to get moving on some more Christmas presents. I knew just what I wanted to sew for my three-year-old niece, Bella, but my beginner sewing skills limited me when it came to the finer arts of embroidery and appliqué. Thankfully, a hero came to my rescue and saved the day by fixing my disastrous attempt at embroidery (seriously, it looked like a toddler had gotten a hold of a needle and thread!) and even offered to do the appliqué, too (Thank you, Hannah!)!!! I would have taken the time to learn how to appliqué myself, but that wasn't possible under the circumstances this week. Here's the end result:

Is she not the cutest girly little lion you've ever seen?! I'm in love! But, alas, she seemed a little lonely, so I decided to send a little kitty along to keep her company:

Best friends! I really hope that Bella enjoys playing with them. I'll have to sew another cat or maybe a bunny to give to our youngest niece for Christmas since Bella will now have these two cuties, but that just gives me more opportunity to practice and learn new sewing skills. The pattern for these animals came from Bit of Whimsy's store on Etsy.