Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Falling for a Fall Wedding

I've heard that October is the second most popular month for weddings. After attending the wedding of my friend and co-worker, Rachael, last weekend, I understand why so many people choose to tie the knot during this month. Alex and I chose October for our wedding more for the timing factor rather than for the beauty of changing leaves and cooler weather. Upon seeing Rachael's decor, I wish I could go back and have a more "fall-ish" themed wedding! Look at these decorations! And her creative-like-I've-never-seen-before-and-wish-I-could-be-like-her sister made everything. All of it. Herself. Holy cow!

This was the first thing we saw when we walked into the church:

Instead of a traditional guest book that gets lost in a bookcase and never looked at again, each guest wrote his or her name on a leaf in gold or silver metallic inc and hung the leaf on the branches. Then there was a canvas (not pictured) that the wonderfully crafty sister painted a tree on. The signature-covered leaves would then be transferred to the canvas to cover the tree and hang somewhere in the newlywed's home. How clever is that?! I love that idea! And the best part about these branches? They came from someone's backyard and were spray painted. How thrifty!

Next, we walked into the sanctuary and saw the hand-painted, custom monogrammed aisle runner, again, made by the sister of the bride:

This picture was taken after the wedding ceremony, hence the leaves covering the runner. The flower girl dropped leaves instead of flower petals, which was, again, oh so cute for a Fall wedding!

There were rose topiaries flanking the sanctuary entrance:

Look past my pitiful photography skills and see the branches and topiaries around the altar and the personalized monograms hanging on the wall:

Who would have imagined using burlap for decorations, but it was unique and looked great!

The head table:

One of many different table centerpieces (I love this ribbon!):

And the piece de resistance...the cake!

There is that gorgeous ribbon again! I bought the same ribbon only it was pink and white, and gave it away since I couldn't think of anything to do with it. If I had gotten this brown and cream I would have done all sorts of pretty things! It's just inspiring!

These pictures don't do the decor justice. I want to grab some branches from my yard and put them all over the house! On the fireplace, on the dining room table, everywhere. I adore the idea and how easy and inexpensive it is (if you spray paint them instead of going for the "natural" look). I'm so in the mood to decorate for the season! Hooray for inspiration!


  1. I'm sooooo impressed at your blogging skills, thinking to take pictures at a wedding!!!!

    I actually do something similar to the tree idea. We try to do it every year at Thanksgiving (although looking back, I don't think we did it last year). Everyone writes what they are thankful for on a paper leaf just like they did here, and hangs it on the branch. Somewhere in my attic I have the leaves in a scrapbook. I don't know where, which is pretty stupid, but it was a good idea at the time!!!! :)

  2. Oooh! I love that idea, too! Is it sad that I pretty much only took the pictures for blogging purposes and not just because I wanted the memories? Did I just admit that?...

  3. Nope, not at all. I wouldn't take pictures of ANYTHING if it weren't for blogging. I'm not a terribly sentimental girl, what can I say? :)