Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Great Gender Reveal

Today was the big day! Alex and I went to Lexington with our parents and his grandmother this afternoon to find out if there are hair bows or Tonka trucks in our future. The Baby Belly Spa was so cute! It was kind of hilarious to browse through the "hooter hiders" and belly cast kits with my mom. I told her that belly casts make good chip and dip servers ;) Personally, I wouldn't want a model of my belly or my "girls" hanging on the wall in my house, but, to each her own.

They took us all into the "viewing room", complete with a sofa, chairs and flat-screen tv and I almost forgot why we were there because it's just so cool to see your baby on the screen! It's all, "Awwww! Look at the face! There's an arm! What is that we're looking at?" We heard the heartbeat, 134 bpm, which had slowed down a lot from our first ultrasound. Then the ultrasound tech told us that the baby's legs were crossed. Oh no! But I'd been praying against that! Thankfully, the diet Dr. Pepper I drank and the apple I ate on the way up did the trick and Little Bit moved around like crazy and got into a better position for us to take a peek. And.....drum roll, please.....we're having a little girl!!! We're going to have a little Natalie around Christmas!!! I'm so excited!!!

Alex is going to be great with a daughter. Now I want to buy him the Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters book that we heard about on Dave Ramsey's radio show. I can't wait to see Alex in action as a daddy! He's a natural with kids and I love that about him. This week couldn't have started out any better!


  1. Aaah, so exciting! Congratulations on your little GIRL!!! I am so happy for you, can't wait to "meet" little Natalie in December! It's perfect. :-)

  2. Congratulations, that is so exciting!!! Natalie is my favorite name!!