Monday, July 4, 2011

New Beginnings

Today was the icing on the cake to a terrific holiday weekend; I got to meet Alex's three oldest nephews for the first time. Alex reconnected with the boys on Saturday after a ten-year separation that was due to extenuating family circumstances. In the past, Alex has tried to downplay his disappointment about not having a relationship with the boys, but once the arrangements were made for them to visit their grandparents for two weeks, he got really excited. He spent the weekend going to the water park and then to the movies with them while I had other previous engagements.

I was nervous on the ride over to my in-laws' house today because what if the boys didn't like me? What if it was really awkward trying to relate to three teenagers? We ate lunch and then had a corn-hole tournament wherein my father-in-law and youngest nephew proceeded to beat everyone else in the family.

The boys were all very sweet and things went really well. God is so good to work things out, at least for now, where the family can hopefully continue to build a relationship with the boys even after they go back home. Their being able to visit was a long-awaited answer to prayer for many family members and we pray that this is just one of many to come.

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