Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sleepover Success!

All day long yesterday and I excitedly told Natalie that she was going to stay overnight at her grandma and grandpa's house. At 16 months old, I didn't expect her to fully understand what I was telling her, but it must have all clicked when my parents showed up at my house because Natalie went from this giddy little wild child:
 I shot these pics yesterday afternoon before my parents came over

to a quiet, somber, cling-to-mama child. I think she got over her apprehension once her grandparents offered her spoonfuls of frozen yogurt and cups of chocolate milk (a drink we have never given her before)! As I suspected she would do, she stayed up well past her normal bedtime and wouldn't fall asleep until my dad laid down with her.

At first, Alex took being away from his baby girl harder than I did, but once we got home from dinner I really started missing her, too. I went to pick her up just before lunch today and she was quite happy to see me. All the eating, snuggling and playing at grandma and grandpa's must have worn her out because she fell asleep less than 5 minutes into the ride home! I'm so thankful for a date night with my hubby and that Natalie's first sleepover was a success!

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  1. She is so cute! Glad her first sleepover was a success!