Friday, April 26, 2013

A Date and a Sleepover

Tonight, Alex and I are going out of town to eat with some friends we have been growing closer to over the past few months and Natalie is going to spend the night with my parents for the first time. I must admit, I have been looking forward to this all.week.long. Seriously, Friday could not come soon enough. Being away last weekend and not having any household responsibilities was amazing, but it totally killed my motivation to come home and return to the never ending pile of dishes and laundry. I pretty much sat around every morning this week and finally mustered up the energy to accomplish something around Natalie's nap time. I felt guilty for being so lazy while Alex worked hard to support our family, so that in itself was a pretty good motivator to get me out of my pjs and start cleaning the house. Anyway...

We haven't been that great about having a regular date night since Natalie has been born. Scratch that. Since we've been married. We'd set aside Friday or Saturday nights for time together for a few weeks and would then get lazy or preoccupied and stop being purposeful about making time for quality interaction with one another. And we'd always make the excuse that there is NOTHING to do in our town. I'm sure that's really just laziness on our part, but it sure can feel really boring living in a small town in rural America. Both our moms have asked us when we were going to go on a date again so they could babysit (I love living close to the grandparents for a number of reasons and I love how much they enjoy spending time with Natalie). My mom and dad are really excited about finally  having Natalie stay with them overnight and I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to being able to get out of bed in my own time instead of having to get up when my little 16-month old alarm clock decides it's time to start our day. I'm really curious how Natalie is going to handle being away from home tonight. I hope she doesn't give her grandparents a hard time going to bed since she's been a handful in that department lately! Goodness, gracious!

So here's to a night of great food and fun with friends and spouses and to Natalie being a little angel for her grandparents who are looking forward to spoiling her with frozen yogurt and other "contraband" goodies! What are your favorite date night ideas with your significant other/spouse?


  1. We are terrible about planning date nights, but when we do, it is something that is planned months in advance. We love to laugh and we are going on a date night in May to see a Christian comedian in Lexington (Tim Hawkins). I can't wait!

  2. Good for you for getting out on a date! Derek and I are awful about it too. We need to get better about having a more regular date night.