Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!! and a pirate bunny named Coco...

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed time with loved ones. Our holiday was pretty low-key and simple, the way it was meant to be, in my opinion. Alex caught some sort of bug involving lots of congestion and sinus junk which he passed along to me in time for the new year. I ended up going to bed on New Year's Eve around 9:30 to enjoy a wonderful Nyquil-induced sleep.

I feel like I've had no inspiration for blogging lately. My dear friend Jamie always writes interesting things and she somehow manages to post daily. I wish I could be like that. If you haven't read her blog, check her out here! She's a compelling author, an awesome cook, a self-professed home-birthing hippie, mother of two cute little boys, and a faithful friend. She and I might be going on a "date" later this month while Alex is away on a business trip, so hopefully I'll have some more blogging material from that!!!

The most exciting thing to happen lately has been a burst of sewing creativity. Sky wanted to come over after church yesterday to check out Alex's remote controlled helicopter, so while they were playing with that, I got started on another stuffed animal for a friend. Sky saw what I was doing and wanted me to make him a bunny. He picked out all the fabric himself, and I must say he has great taste because this is my new favorite! The body and head are corduroy and the ears are a combo of a velvety fabric (brown, outside) and a mink-like material (white, inside). It wasn't quite finished before he had to go back home, so he'll get it tomorrow. Sky named him Coco (also the name of his dog and the name he asks to be called when he's pretending to be a dog. Kids are crazy.):

So, his head is a little lopsided, but I've been assured that it just makes him more "whimsical". I'm not so sure I agree, but if Sky's happy, then I'm happy! The pattern is from Bit of Whimsy on


  1. Oh, I love the bunny! I'm going to have to try something like that one of these days . . .*smile*.

  2. You could totally sew animals like this! They're not hard at all, but doing the applique around the face can be intimidating at first. How are you liking your new sewing machine?!

  3. Thanks for the publicity, Amanda! Although, I was just thinking I didn't feel like posting today, but now I feel like I should!!!!!

    The bunny is super cute!!!

  4. Jamie,

    My promo for you wasn't as good as Johnnica's, but I'll still put in a good plug for you any time! :)

  5. Actually, I came back here because I just felt like I should say: I would never ever ever blog as much if I worked full time! Also, I didn't blog as much when I was married because there wasn't as much free time. So, don't beat yourself up! You are a great blogger even if you don't do it as consistently of those of us with wide open schedules! :)