Sunday, September 26, 2010

Play Tent is Complete!

I've decided that I totally stink at coming up with creative blog post titles. Seriously, how original is "Play Tent is Complete!"? Anyway, obviously, I've finished my latest sewing project and am thrilled with the results!

I fretted and procrastinated and recruited a friend for help with the scary parts, but looking back, it really wasn't hard, even for a beginner seamstress! I think there are so many possibilities for cute tents, like pink with a zebra print "roof" and tie-backs for girls. I want one for my master bedroom! Well, maybe that's a stretch, but I've always wanted some sort of canopy for my bed and have never had one. Maybe I'll conquer that project someday years from now...

The tutorial for this project came from and just as the creator said, the supplies were around $15. I really want to make some more!

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