Sunday, January 12, 2014

40 Weeks with Baby #2

This is what 40 weeks looks like! I made it! Now I've officially been pregnant 4 days longer than I was with Natalie and to be honest, it feels really good. Well, good emotionally more than physically. I'm in good spirits, staying busy with house cleaning and sewing. I finished a new nursing cover and am finally almost finished re-covering the glider rocker cushions! Maybe by the end of the day we will have my sewing machine and desk moved out of the nursery?!

 Physically, things have been not so great with all three of us having a 24-hour stomach bug this week. A day of lying on the couch left me feeling really achy. My hips were so sore yesterday morning, but thankfully that eased up after being up and moving around for a few hours. And for weeks now, it has been so hard to roll over in bed! I am looking forward to being able to roll over and stand up without much effort and not having all this weight on my bladder. Yes. I am REALLY looking forward to that!

There is a full moon this week, so I'm hopeful that baby girl will make her grand entrance during that time so that we can finally meet and name her! The baby name book is packed in my hospital bag just in case we need some more inspiration... And can I just say that I am so thankful for Pinterest and it's infinite ideas for newborn photography? I found a super cute idea that I plan to recreate in the hospital. I'm so excited! Well, that's it. 40 weeks seems so surreal! Oh, and since we've moved the nursery, we've done some rearranging in Natalie's room, so I'll post some pics when I finally get around to it!

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  1. So exciting! Hoping the full moon does the trick. :-)