Sunday, July 8, 2012

Growing Up!

Natalie had her 6-month check-up last week. She weighed 17 lbs (70th percentile) and was 27.25 inches tall (just above the 90th percentile). Despite having her nap cut short, she was really content during our time in the waiting room and during the check up. She really enjoyed playing with the paper on the exam table :)
I've been putting off introducing solids to her because of a family history of food allergies, but we have given her just a taste of a few things here and there. While we were visiting my parents recently, they had a little too much fun letting her sample some blackberry juice from a cobbler my mom had made.
After her check-up, we decided to give her a little more than a taste of veggies for the first time. I pureed some zucchini that we ate for dinner and Alex let her have at it.

By the end of dinner, she'd had enough and was ready for bed!
A friend was feeding her daughter some "puffs" the other day and gave me some for Natalie, but she kept gagging and nearly choking on them, so I decided to steer clear of them for the time being. I know the whole gagging thing is normal since they aren't used to having anything with texture in their mouths, but watching your beloved child react that way is kind of scary for a new mom! Natalie loves to mooch water from your cup, so I kept dropping water in her mouth from a straw, much to her delight. These days, sippy cups with water are good entertainment for her while I try to cook dinner, too.
She's quite a ham. Everything within her reach is fair game. She spilled ice water on me at Cracker Barrel yesterday morning and then slapped her hand on some chocolate dessert that Alex was trying to eat today. There's never a dull moment in our house! It's a lot of fun to experience all of Natalie's firsts with her and not miss anything. She's changing so quickly and I'll have a mobile baby on my hands before I know it! I don't think I'm quite ready for that!


  1. She is such a cutie! Starting solids is fun, no? We didn't do the puffs either though until Wyatt was probably about 10 months, because he'd just choke on them so much, so we stuck to softer things until he got a little better at gumming his food. :-)

  2. Such a cutie pie! I did a "baby led weaning" approach with my 2nd, not really for the nursing aspect as much as the solids aspect. She was about 8 months old before she started pulling food off our plates and I knew she was ready. We skipped the purees and went straight for the finger foods, by about 10 months she could eat just about anything! I think those puffs are tricky things, they get wet and stick to whatever they're on. I'd be gagging if I had a puff adhered to my tongue, too. ;)