Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cloth Diapering: A Fluffy Love Affair

Before we started our family, I became interested in the idea of cloth diapering as a way to cut expenses so that I could make my life-long dream of being a stay-at-home mom come true. Once we found out that Natalie was on the way, I started building up a stash of pre-fold and all-in-one cloth diapers as I found them on sale online or in local consignment stores. About two weeks ago, our stash of newborn size disposable diapers from baby showers was dwindling and I knew that I'd either have to start using cloth or shell out a considerable amount of cash for more disposables. Who knows why I had cold feet about using cloth all of a sudden, but after having to change Natalie's clothes three times in a few hours because of leaks, I was more than ready to take the plunge (and no, I do not dunk the dirty diapers in the toilet. Ew!). I'm excited to report that I LOVE using cloth, don't mind the laundry a bit (honest!) and am even going to start using cloth wipes.

Alex still isn't 100% on board, but with time I hope he'll change his mind (for some reason, when he puts disposables on Natalie they almost never leak. What the heck?). We're still using disposables at night, but our stash of size 1 diapers is shrinking now and I'd like to try using cloth all the time and see how it goes. I really don't want to spend grocery money on diapers, so I hope it works out to go cloth all the time. I need to get a few more diapers so we have enough to still do laundry every third day like I am currently.

Our stash includes two dozen pre-folds that I have only used once because my mom put one on the baby and then when I tried I couldn't get it secure so I gave up, 3 Fuzzibunz, 9 Bumgenius and 12 Sunbaby diapers. My favorites are the Sunbaby diapers because they don't leak, they aren't as bulky as the Bumgenius and they're the only ones that I have with some girly patterns. I'd like to order a dozen more, but they've changed the sizing of the diapers or something and now the website is confusing.

Anyhow, I'm excited that cloth diapering is working so well for us and that I didn't let my initial hesitation get the best of me. There are so many great resources online with information about how to go about doing it that anybody can find a way that works for them. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a basket of clean diapers that needs to be put away!

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