Sunday, January 8, 2012

Life As A New Mom

Natalie is two and a half weeks old and I feel like my world has been turned upside down. Hormones, baby blues, sleep deprivation, breast-feeding complications have all contributed to the chaos that is now my life. I know that things will get better as we all adjust to this new lifestyle, but it has been harder than I ever imagined. We were so blessed for Alex to be able to stay home with us this long, but he returns to work tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it. I like having his company during the day and love being together as a family. We're both learning how to parent together and can bounce ideas off one another whenever something comes up. Like how we're going to get our sweet baby girl to sleep at night instead of staying up to party.

It was only by God's grace that I survived 21 hours of natural childbirth and it will only be by God's grace that I get through this transition and the rest of my life as a mom. I am so grateful for the help of my husband, parents and in-laws who have spent countless hours at our house cleaning, cuddling the baby, holding me while I cry, and just being wonderful help. I am also so grateful for all our friends and church family that have brought us food for the past two weeks. I couldn't even begin to think about grocery shopping much less planning and cooking dinner until now.

I always thought I'd be a natural at motherhood, but I'm quickly discovering how much I have to learn. I'm sure I'll be learning things daily from now until forever, but that's ok as long as God gives me the wisdom I've so desperately been praying for. He is faithful and with His help we'll be able to endure sleepless nights, exhausting days and everything in between.


  1. i know you've heard this already, but it really does get easier! Breastfeeding complications make it especially hard, but after the one month mark it got so much better for us - hang in there!

  2. I sooooo remember those days!!!!! Seriously. First baby + dead of winter + baby blues = one tired mama. It will get better, I promise promise!